Scheduling Brenda

Brenda’s seminar is most effective at a school when she appears during “Prime Time.” In other words, the program must be scheduled into the academic day and you should prepare for disruption of the academic schedule. This signals your community that alcohol and drug prevention is an important issue to the school and you are willing to devote academic time to address it.

There are many ways to arrange the schedule – Please contact Brenda to discuss the best consulting format for your school.


Budgeting For a Seminar

Keep in mind that in addition to the consulting fee, you will be charged for all transportation, accommodations, incidentals and other travel-related expenses. Brenda usually makes her own travel arrangements and gets the lowest Internet prices available for airfare and accommodations. She makes every attempt to work within your budget and clears all expenses with the school in advance.

Consulting Fee

Consulting fees are on a per-day basis.  Fees vary depending on number of days and sessions.  Please contact Brenda directly for more or 774.316.6299


Airfare – Brenda orders tickets well in advance of the scheduled visit and clears the price with the school before purchase. The school will be billed for airfare and all expenses in the final invoice.

Accommodations – Brenda stays in hotels with interior corridors only. “Motels” are not acceptable. Depending on where your school is, please expect to spend between $125 – $200 per night.

Ground Transportation (taxi, shuttle or rental car)


Travel Related Expenses (airport parking, mileage, and international visas)

Layover Pay and Travel Days ($200.00 per day – This is for days getting to and from school when the daily consultant fee is not applicable)

International Consulting Fees

All travel fees for international consulting are agreed to in advance. Brenda encourages “piggybacking” with other schools/ organizations in your area, as it will cut airfare costs in half if you share it with another client whom Brenda will visit the week preceding or following yours. Due to the greater commitment of international travel time, Brenda charges for travel time and layover to international clients. If Brenda is required to spend extra days at a location, either to save on airfare or to accommodate scheduling, a per day layover fee is applicable.

Payment Terms

A non-refundable deposit is collected at the time Brenda is booked for your school/organization. This deposit guarantees the date and ensures Brenda will turn down all other offers that conflict with your program. In the event of a cancellation by your school/organization, the deposit will be forfeited, unless you are able to re-book within the same calendar/academic year. In that case, the deposit can be applied to the new date.

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